Primal Practice Fall Immersion

Molly of the Mountain

The Foundations of Physical Freedom
October 2-4, 2015

I’ve been researching and training a ton this summer and I’m excited to share my new insights into the development of physical intelligence. I’ve rediscovered and refined remarkable ways to cultivate strength, resilience, elasticity and adaptability. I’m not sure when I’ll next be offering regular classes, so if you want to tap in, come to my October immersion in rural Western Massachusetts. Space is limited to 20 participants.

This program focuses on developing the foundations of physical freedom: the strength, agility, mobility and awareness skills that are essential for mastery. Our days together will include rigorous physical training, contemplative practices, engagement with nature and delicious meals. Much of our training will take place outside and in the forest. As with everything I teach, my material will be scalable, accessible and engaging for all “levels” of ability.

$400 includes tuition, room and board. Workstudy positions are available, email


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