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Map of Practice

Practice is amazing. We often take it for granted but the realization that desirable abilities and skills can be systematically developed is one of the most important discoveries humanity has made. It is the foundation of improvement and growth. It is the most empowering realization one can have because it allows us to change from our current state to a more desirable one.
We have spent time practicing everything we do with ease and skill. Practice can be done formally and deliberately or informally and casually. In either case practice involves the repetition and refinement of particular patterns. A propensity for a certain way of thinking or moving will turn into a habitual way of being through practice.

In this context, practice, formal or informal, is what we have done to become who we are, and practice is what we will do to create who we will be. Effective practice is a process that is intentional, open, inquiry driven, and iterative.

Intentional: action directed towards a purpose.
Open: Draw from many sources and sees from many perspectives.
Inquiry driven: Powered by curiosity and questions.
Iterative: Continuous repetition and refinement.

Practicing in this way forms positive and productive habits.
The fundamental habit we develop in Primal Practice is the habit of being engaged and at ease. This capacity is the key to mastery in any domain. To develop engaged ease we work with breath, sensation, and movement.