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What Moves You?

Video by Bradford Winston Music by Foster Powell

The principle of Chien or Gradual Progress

Gradual progress is a concept that is fundamental to the ancient body/mind training. The training methodology of internal martial arts like Tai Chi and meditative traditions like Zen follow the principles of gradual progress. Deep and positive change occurs as a gradual process. Physical and mental structures reshape themselves allowing for higher leaves of awareness,… Read more »

Movement Maps

We are all interested in increasing the strength, vitality, peace and passion we experience. To do this we practice. Understanding what we are doing and why we are doing it makes practice way more powerful. To increase our understanding it is important to see how we see things. We must view our view. Our perspective… Read more »

Map of Practice

Practice is amazing. We often take it for granted but the realization that desirable abilities and skills can be systematically developed is one of the most important discoveries humanity has made. It is the foundation of improvement and growth. It is the most empowering realization one can have because it allows us to change from… Read more »