Category: Ease and Engagement

Mistakes Are Awesome

Mistakes are your best friend. Effective practice and growth would be impossible without mistakes – if you cultivate a healthy relationship to them.   Often, when learning a new skill, folks will be embarrassed by how awkward their initial attempts are. In teaching both music and Primal practice, I constantly run in to students who… Read more »

Focus on Pleasure

Throughout your practice, focus on pleasure. What feels good? How can I support the good feeling? Meditative traditions use focal points to train awareness. Many traditions are defined by the focal point they choose. The focal point for awareness training could be anything. Common focal points are breath, sound, sensation and mantra. I have found… Read more »

Map of Practice

Practice is amazing. We often take it for granted but the realization that desirable abilities and skills can be systematically developed is one of the most important discoveries humanity has made. It is the foundation of improvement and growth. It is the most empowering realization one can have because it allows us to change from… Read more »