Games that make us smarter and stronger. “Primal” refers to what is never “not there”…the ever-present part of us. “Practice” is the process of embodying what we want…actualizing our potential. Primal Practice acknowledges that play and inquiry provide the optimal environment for learning and growth. With this play based approach, intense physical work and deep personal inquiry become fascinating and fun adventures. The practice heals, regenerates and reorganizes our way of being embodied. Through this practice we become supple, strong, sensitive, and smart. CURIOUS? Learn more


During a Primal Practice workshop you will: Have fun, work hard, laugh, make friends, observe your default patterns, develop new and creative ways to engage with life’s challenges, experience delight, learn to generate an inner state of wonder, experience a felt sense of oneness with you body and your being.

About Aaron

Aaron Cantor is an embodiment teacher, a movement catalyst and physical intelligence instigator. Over many years, he created Primal Practice, a innovative way to support wellness through playfully developing mindfulness and movement skills. He lives in Western Massachusetts, USA with his boys Bodhi and Jasper and teaches workshops around the world.

Aaron has spent over 15 years collecting, creating, contemplating and refining the material he presents in his workshops. He is grateful to his many friends and mentors who have shared so much with him.


“Aaron is amazing at getting adults to play like kids and have fun”

James Bailey Zürich, Switzerland

Aaron gave the perfect amount of structure in form of playful challenges to move within, holding space for deeper realms of myself to tangibly rise to the surface.

Through the physical movement of my body I dove into the deeper realms of my being.

And as I learned to become aware of the changes while interacting with others, I was shown the importance of human interaction. I learned from others. I opened myself to discovering darkness and light, strength and surrender, chaos and order and the delicate play of balance in all these things.

Tiffany Kappeler Zürich, Switzerland

“Aaron’s workshops are fun and full of wisdom nuggets, packed in either weird noises or challenging games.”

David Suivez Zürich, Switzerland