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Aaron Cantor | May 3, 2016

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Primal Practice is a freestyle physical intelligence practice. It draws from an array of meditative and movement disciplines to cultivate health, capability, ease, and understanding.


The principle of Chien or Gradual Progress


Gradual progress is a concept that is fundamental to the ancient body/mind training. The training methodology of internal martial arts like Tai Chi and meditative traditions like Zen follow the principles of gradual progress.

Deep and positive change occurs as … Read More

Focus on Pleasure


Throughout your practice, focus on pleasure. What feels good? How can I support the good feeling?

Meditative traditions use focal points to train awareness. Many traditions are defined by the focal point they choose. The focal point for awareness training … Read More

Hara, Heart, Head


The Hara-Heart-Head map is map of three interconnected systems.

Hara can be felt as the system of vitality. It is primal and primordial life force.

Heart can be felt as the system of relating. It is the system that connects.

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Movement Snack – Legs


Developing dynamic tendon strength, adaptability, and ease within engagement.

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